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How to Join

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How to Join
Recruitment Process Explained

Application Requirements

The Application will determine your eligibility in becoming a paramedic. You must pass all requirements and fill out the required information. A representative from Human Resources will review your application within 24 hours. You should not attempt to contact anyone to speed this process up. If your application has been placed on hold, you will be given another 24 hours to fix the mistakes before it is reviewed again.

Minimum Requirements:

  • You must be between 18 and 63 years old, and have been a San Andreas Citizen for at least 3 Years.
    Your date of birth must be correct. (( You must have your nation set to San Andreas and have at least 30 Playing Hours. ))
  • You must be able to write and speak english fluently, and your resume must be at least 200 words in length.
    (( You will also need a Microphone and TeamSpeak installed. )) Use the word count tool to check your resume.
  • You must not have been charged and/or convicted of any felony crimes within the past 14 days or have an excessive criminal record. (Note: A background check will be submitted to verify your information and to check previous criminal history.)
    (( Excessive is determined from your Crimes x 8 = Minimum Playing Hours Required. ))
  • You must not have been involved with Gangs and/or Organised Crime.
    Do not mention Organized Crime or Criminal Activity in your Resume.
  • You must be active to complete the recruitment process.
    Do not apply if you have planned holidays or school exams.

(( You must also provide both pages of your stats along with the time and date. ))

Pending Interview

If your Application is accepted, You will be required to attend an Interview at the FDSA HQ in Market. You must be dressed appropriately and not bring any weapons or narcotics with you. When you arrive, simply wait in the lobby and someone should be with you shortly. You will be required to present some ID to confirm who you are. You'll then be led into a small room where the Interview will take place. There will be some simple questions to assess your reasons for applying, skills and qualifications, and your career goals. Lastly, there will be a test on some general locations around San Andreas.

(( You must be in the Lobby in TeamSpeak. Only then will someone PM you and ask you to come in-game. Otherwise, You are free to do other activities until you are contacted. All the in-character questions will be asked in-game as part of your role play testing and general english writing skills. The out-of-character questions will be asked in TeamSpeak to test your communication skills. Lastly, the locations test will test how well you know San Andreas. ))

Pending Education

If you pass your Interview, then the next phase is Education at the FDSA HQ in Market. Your Instructor will begin with a tour of the headquarters showing you where all the vehicles are, and where the locker room is. They will explain to you the information you must know before you become a Trainee. Things like what uniform to wear, what equipment to take, and what your duties will be as a Trainee. You will be expected to revise further in preparation for your exam.

(( The first part begins in-game with a tour of the headquarters, then a brief explanation on basic policies and procedures. Things like locker use on skins and equipment, TeamSpeak communication and requirements, vehicle maintenance and care. ))

Pending Training

If you pass your Education, then the next phase is Training at the FDSA HQ in Market. You'll be shown how to assess and treat patients injuries before loading them onto the stretcher and transporting them to Hospital. Things such as applying pressure to a gunshot wound and then wrapping it in gauze bandages, Applying a neck brace and backboard, Fitting a splint to hold a broken bone straight, Wrapping a burn wound to prevent the skin being further damaged.

You'll be given basic medical training so you can help treat patients as well as transport them to the Hospital. Basic medical training includes dealing with gunshot wounds, broken bones and burn injuries. (( You will also be told the various commands to use during your role play such as /GETPT, /MOVEPT and /LOADPT. You are required to role play before using this commands. Skipping role play is abuse of server commands and will likely get you faction kicked and banned. ))

Field Experience

If you pass your Training, You will have two weeks to spend at least 15 hours on duty to gain some experience and put your training to the test. This time should be spent responding to medical calls and dealing with different patient injuries.

(( Once you receive your invitation, You must reply to your application with a new /stats screenshot to begin your time as a Trainee. Once you've gained 15 playing hours, reply again with another /stats screenshot. Someone will reply to your application to say when you have been approved for your Exam. ))

Pending Exam

Your Exam is designed to see how well you would do on your own. An Instructor will ride along with you as you respond to various calls. If you pass, you will be promoted to Paramedic. If you fail, You will have to wait another three days to revise your mistakes and then you can try once more. If you fail a second time, you will be terminated and must wait two weeks to re-apply.

If you fail twice, you will be relieved of duties from the department and must wait two weeks to reapply.


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