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Human Resources Handbook

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Human Resources Handbook

Human Resources Application & Exam Process Handbook

Pending Review

Begin by having the How to join thread open. Go down the list of requirements as you scan the application for any obvious mistakes such as are they the right age 18 or older (IC'LY), have they lived in San Andreas for a minimum 3 Years, also check if they have an excessive criminal record. They must be between 18 and 63 years old, and excessive record is determined from the number of crimes they have and the overall time lived in San Andreas. If you notice any small mistakes, do not immediately place the application on hold. Continue to review the application as you may find other reasons to deny them. Once you're finished with the quick scan, you can move on to doing some more in-depth checks.

Forum Search
You should begin by searching their phone number on the forums. This will reveal any previous applications including those under a different name. When someone has been denied, permanently denied or terminated, they are sometimes likely to change their name and re-apply. They will almost always forget to buy a new cellphone. Anyone who avoids a denial can be permanently denied. Anyone already permanently denied or terminated can be permanently denied again. If someone has immediately re-applied after being denied, you can permanently deny them too. If it has only been six days since their denial, It was probably unintentional and the application can simply be denied again. Next, You will need to search their name on the NGG forums too for any recent complaints. If the complaint is still pending review, You can still deny the application based on your own observations on the complaint. Lastly, You can check the forums too for recent applications or employment. You can deny their application if they have applied for several factions at the same time, or have recently been terminated from another faction.

You are required to check their application for plagiarism. If you are searching the forums, pick out a unique word or words to conduct your search. If you find any matches, ensure that they are different people by comparing the "OOC" information such as age and country. Some people may use the same application under a different name. If you are searching Google, You can copy several lines to conduct the search. Google has a much better search function. Their application must be fluently written and not contain any spelling, grammar or punctuation errors. The best way do to this is to read their application to yourself. Depending on the severity, You can place the application on hold for them to improve on, or simply deny their application. The application must not contain any negativity such as the death of parents, serving in prison or any organised crime.

Character Stats
To validate their application, they must have a present date and time stats screenshot, both pages.

Pending Interview

The applicant must be in the FDSA lobby in Teamspeak with the correct prefix next to their name. If they do not show up in 48 hours they are DENIED! Send them a PM and ask if they are ready for their interview. If they are "AFk" in Lobby they should be kicked and they can be denied. Once they have replied ask them to jump IG and meet you at the HQ located in Marina, if they are unsure of where this is tell them to meet you at All Saints.

Roleplay and English Skills
You must use this opportunity to test their roleplay and english skills. When you meet them, offer your assistance. They should explain that they are here for an interview. Ask to see some ID to confirm who they are and they should show you their drivers license. If they simply /showlicenses to you without any roleplay lead them inthe right direction reminding them to roleplay this action in the future. They should make good of /me and /do and animations. Once you've seen their drivers license and confirmed their name, age, licenses and citizenship, You can show them to one of the offices in the main HQ. Once you're both seated, You can move the applicant from the Lobby channel.

In-Character Questions
The following questions are all in-character and must be typed out in Teamspeak chat box and answered as such. This is to test how well they can communicate and how well they write in English. Check for things like fluency and also how quickly it takes them to write out their answer. The questions below are mandatory but feel free to elaborate on any answers they give in response to the questions.

1. Why do you want to join FDSA?
2. If you see someone breaking the law or any of FDSA policies what would you do?
3. Do you have any experience in the medical field?
4. What are you strong skills and what are your weaknesses?

5. What would you do in a hostile or Dangerous situation while attempting to save a life?[list]

Out-of-Character Questions

1. What is "Power gaming" or "PG" and Give an example if it.
2. What does it mean to "KOS" and give an example of it.
3. What is "Meta Gaming" or "MG" and give an example of it.
4. What is the meaning of "Rk" or "Revenge Killing" and give an example of it.
5. What does it mean to "DM" or "Death match" and give an example of it.

English Questions

1. The Crazi cat Jumpd over the Lazzy Doggy ona sunny afenoon.
Crazy, jumped,lazy,dog, on a, afternoon.
2. Please return all FDSA vehicles back to HQ refueled and repaired!
(There is nothign wrong with this sentence.)

Pending Training

The applicant must be in the Lobby in Teamspeak with the correct prefix next to their name. Send them a PM and ask if they are ready for their training. If the person is AFK or not yet ready wait until they are and ask them to meet you at the main HQ in Los Santos international.

Guided Tour
Begin by showing them the door to the lounge where the locker room is. Then, go inside the main doors and show them the lobby area, offices, and then into the garage area. Show them the repair point and explain all vehicles must be repaired before parking them. Lastly, show them the different doors that exit to the rear of the HQ and to the roof.

Locker Room
Once you reach the equipment room, explain what uniforms they may wear, and what equipment to take from the lockers. They MUST wear skin ID 267 ( referring to the Department Handbook and, 308 if they are a female. As for equipment, they should always wear body armor. Shotguns and 9mm are allowed for defending you or your patient. You must have a Firearms License to carry a Desert Eagle. They may carry an extinguisher incase of small fires, and a parachute to use as a EMT bag. Lastly, there is a locker room at each Hospital in Los Santos. If they are Hospitalized while on-duty, they should re-equip here before going back for their Ambulance.

Treating Injuries:
Once you show them the locker room you need to take them back to the garage and teach them how to deal with the 5 injuries that we always show up :

Gun shots:Put a Pressure on the Wound With a Gauze , Cover it with a Bandage then give the Patient a Painkiller and take him back to the hospital.

A normal Burn: Place a Ice bag or a Cold water on the burned area to cool it down , then give the patient some painkillers and take him back to the hospital.

Broken Bones: You need to secure the broken area with a split first then you inject the patient with a morphine syringe and take him back to the hospital.

Critilcal Broken Bones: DO NOT TOUCH the patient just inject him with some morphine and take him back to the hospital.

Critical Burn: DO NOT TOUCH the patient just inject him with a morphine syringe and take him back to the hospital.

San Andreas Laws
Members are still subject to law breaking and arrest. Remember to always comply with law enforcement such as being pulled over, detained and arrested. You should always use lights and sirens when responding to a call, and obey traffic laws every other time. When arriving at a Call, find a safe place to park and stop. Try not to deliberatly block the road and traffic unless it is to protect your patient. In addition to what was mentioned above, being in FDSA does not exempt you from carrying otherwise illegal firearms such as a SPAS-12 or M4.

Rules (In Character)
There are some Policies that they should also be made aware of such as you cannot go off-duty as they should be on-duty while they are a Recruit. Whenever not on a call, they should always use the time to repair and refuel their ambulance, or stop and get food or new body armor when needed. All vehicles must be returned to the HQ. The vehicle must not be damaged, be refueled, with the engine and lights off. Do not modify the vehicles such as nitrous. You may wear additional items such as sunglasses, hats and tactical vests provided they match the uniform. Black or Blue sunglasses, Black or brown hats. Common sense should be enough to know to be respectful to everyone and save anyone you can regardless of who they are, or what they might have said or done.

Rules (Out of Character)
Using /TRIAGE, /HEAL, /MOVEPT, and /LOADPT without roleplaying first will likely get you punished for abusing faction commands or powergaming. You must roleplay treating the patient before giving them health. Do not skip roleplay, even with their permission. Do not heal yourself, or your patient while being shot, or shot at. Drive to a safer location and ensure you are not being followed. They should not use the extinguisher as a weapon to attack or defend someone. If using the Tow Truck to recover abandoned FDSA vehicles, they must step out of the truck and manually attach the hook to the vehicle. No 'activate magnet' roleplay. Common sense should be enough to know not to break other server offenses like abusing the megaphone, deathmatching or killing on sight with weapons taken from the lockers.

Basic Medical Training
You should now go through the Basic Medical Training by giving examples on how a patient might be injured and how to treat them by roleplaying what actions and then what commands to use.

Be sure to ask if they have any other questions such as going over an area once more or asking for further training on something

Making Contact
After passing the training stage, the applicant should be waiting on Teamspeak with Invite next to his name.
Send him a private message and inform him if he's ready for his employment. If he didn't answer, you can poke him otherwise, kick him from channel for being AFK and if it happened again, you can mark his application as denied. If he was responsive, you can move him to any interview channel. Ask him to head to tge fire department HQ to set him up. Make sure he posted a personnel file after the training. Remind him of the basic rules such as the correct uniform and the equipments that he should have on him. Finally, proceed to inviting him, giving him a division (EMS) and set a badge number for him.

Pending Exam
The Trainee must be in the Central Dispatch in Teamspeak with the correct prefix next to their name. Contact them over the Radio (/R) and ask if they are ready for their Exam. You should already know this but we ask to check if they are not AFK. If they reply back, have them meet you at the FDSA HQ.

Medical Calls
The Evaluation should last 30-60 minutes. The Trainee should respond to atleast one gunshot victim, one victim with broken bones, and one victim with burn wounds. You should observe their medical training, communication, and attitude, if any of these are negative or lacking you may fail the member. You should also be watching their roleplay and efficency. For example, they may roleplay too much or for too long and the patient bleeds to death.

The Trainee is free to go back on-duty until their application is updated with the official decision. Instructors must fill out a field evaluation form. Only the Lieutenant will approve or deny the report. You may already make a recommendation to the Lieutenant, but your report should be detailed enough to convince the Lieutenant to make the same decision.

Commander, Martin Deto
Director of Human Resources
San Andreas Medical Services


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