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Internal Affairs Handbook

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1.1 Introduction

Welcome to the San Andreas Medical Services Internal Affairs Handbook. If you have made it as far as to be reading this handbook it means that you have shown excessive evidence

on your ability to follow departmental Standards, Ethics and Integrity policies.

The Internal Affairs Division was put together by Assistant Chief Robert Swagger in order to eliminate the on going corruption within the S.A.M.S. and to promote a both professional and effective workplace.

Offences are but not limited to:
((Policy 5.1.4 - Strike Offenses- SAMS Handbook))

[X] = 1 IA Strike(s)
[XX] = 2 IA Strike(s)
[XXX] = 3 IA Strike(s)
[XXXX] = 4 IA Strike(s)
[XXXXX] = 5 IA Strike(s)

Spoiler: 1 IA Strike(s)

[X] - Using a vehicle without proper permissions
[X] - Reckless driving
[X] - Out of jurisdictional boundaries
[X] - Abuse of a government megaphone
[X] - Off duty without permission
[X] - Not wearing the proper medic uniform while on duty
[X] - (Warn first) Using the radio for invalid reasons. ((out-of-character chat))
[X] - (Warn first) Using /d without permission when there's a higher rank around.
[X] - Late for a reassignment
[X] - Not connected to Central Dispatch radio while on duty ((TeamSpeak))
[X] - (Warn with two kicks, only issue if done thrice.) Remaining in central dispatch while off duty ((AFK in RTO))
[X] - Abandoning government vehicles
[X] - Commenting on disciplinary actions & promotion/demotion reports when uninvolved

Spoiler: 2 IA Strike(s)

[XX] - Off duty as a recruit
[XX] - Misbehaving during a reassignment
[XX] - Possessing of illegal narcotics
[XX] - Lacking professionalism
[XX] - Deviating from assigned duties
[XX] - Failing to follow federal protocol. ((out-of-character rule))
[XX] - General disrespect
[XX] - Direct insubordination (Only if severe)

Spoiler: 3 IA Strike(s)

[XXX] - Intoxicated while on duty
[XXX] - Lying to his/her superior
[XXX] - Failing to follow federal protocol in the event of which causes a resolved lawsuit against the department
[XXX] - Having unauthorized weapons on person

Spoiler: 4 IA Strike(s)

[XXXX] - Smuggling drugs without the intent of using the narcotics for department affairs
[XXXX] - Smuggling weapons illegally
[XXXX] - Assault on another person without a deadly weapon
[XXXX] - Impersonating a(n) officer, agent, or government official
[XXXX] - Releasing information regarding an Internal Affairs agent

Spoiler: 5 IA Strike(s)

[XXXXX] - Possessing illegal narcotics even after being warned
[XXXXX] - Corruption
[XXXXX] - Association in any way with attempted murder or murder without self defense
[XXXXX] - Assault on another department member
[XXXXX] - Creating tension between civil service departments(faction war)
[XXXXX] - Creating tension between members within the department domestically
[XXXXX] - Creating Tension with another department

It will be your job as an Internal Affairs Agent to make sure that proper action is taken when dealing with any of the offences listed above, whether it require you to give a verbal warning or post an IA Report on forums with the evidence you acquire from such incident

1.2 Division Ranks

There are several different Ranks in the division that are used to separate certain duties and restrict certain actions from each individual ranking member within the division.

The Ranks are as follows:
1. Internal Affairs Agent:
As an IA Agent, your primary job is to learn as much as you can about the department's policies and its handbook. You will need this knowledge to ensure that you are up to date on your duties in the division, the departments policy and procedures, along with its rules and regulations. This knowledge will be required of you while in the field, so make sure that you take your time on looking it over and do not be shy to make some notes for reference, or ask anyone in the division about anything. Other duties will include, making sure that department staff are following the correct protocol and not breaking any of the offences listed above in section 1.1. You will not be able to REVIEW any IA complaints submitted to the division but you may POST your own complaints with evidence for REVIEW by IA Senior Agents.

2. Internal Affairs Senior Agent:
To become an IA Senior Agent you will need to pass your Bar Exam which will test your knowledge on the departmental and divisional policy and procedures. As a IA Senior Agent, your duties will include the duties of an IA Agent along with assisting them with your divisional experience and advice. As a Senior Agent, you have more superiority and knowledge of the division, As an IA Senior Agent you are also now able to Review complaints submitted by members and non members of the department.

3. Complaints Manager & Recruitment Manager:
The Complaints Manager of Internal Affairs has the main task of processing the reviewed complaints made to the Division against a specific person, thus giving their final input on how the complaint should be handled.
The Recruitment Manager of Internal Affairs controls the staffing of IA Agents in order to keep the division active. The Recruitment Manager can also promote IA Agents to IA Senior Agents and is tasked with updating the IA roster and IA personnel files as necessary.

4. (Assistant) Director of Internal Affairs:
The (Assistant) Director of Internal Affairs oversees and supervises all complaints and members coming in and out of the Division, making sure that all operations are being ran both truthfully and correctly. The (Assistant) Director of IA has the power to over rule the absence of evidence from within an submitted complaint and can also overrule certain punishments made applicable towards certain members.

1.3 Uniforms Policy

As a member of IA you now have access to some new uniform options, access to certain uniforms are limited to individual ranks.

(1) Internal Affairs Agents: (303, 304)

(2) Internal Affairs Senior Agents: (300, 301, 306)
(3) Internal Affairs Managers: (17, 147, 141)
(4) Internal Affairs Directors: (310, 311, 309)

**Uniforms are only to be worn when performing duties as an IA Employee, Internal Affairs Uniforms are not to be worn when responding to EMS calls and employees should switch back to their regular EMS clothes as required**

1.4 Accepting Reports

The S.A.M.S. Internal Affairs Division accepts complaints against any of its employees and will investigate all these complaints to the appropriate disposition. A complaint can come from either an external or internal source, and can be accepted from:

1. The victim
2. A Third Party ((a person or group besides the two primarily involved in a situation.))
2. Another Government Agency
3. An Anonymous Person

1.5 Processing Reports

Reports can be submitted by either department staff, other L.E.O. agencies and or civilians that feel that one of the above offences in section 1.1 were committed by an acting member inside of the San Andreas Medical Services.

Reports are to be reviewed for the following things:
1. Relevancy:
Make sure that the reports are made relevant to the IA department offences listed in 1.1.

2. Authenticity:
All report evidence and information is to be thoroughly reviewed by a IA Senior Agent to make sure it is both valid and accurate and ready for processing by the IA Complaints Manager.

3. Processing:
If evidence supports a violation of department rules only, then it will be handled by the IA Complaints Manager. If the matter is criminal in nature, it will be reported to the appropriate jurisdiction.

**After the IA Complaints Manager processes the report, the IA (Assistant) Director will make the final decision as to what action is necessary. This includes giving the person the proper strikes, writing up a suspension/termination report for the Director to process.**

1.6 Strike System

Internal Affairs uses a 5 Point, 3 Tier Strike System. An offender starts off at Tier 1 automatically once his name is entered onto the Strikes Board by the (Assitant) Director of IA. A person would need an accumilation of 5 strikes to reach the next Tier Status going all the way up to the end of Tier 3. Strikes are added up by the amount and severity of the offences that the person had commited. Refer to (1.1 Introduction) for the list of offences and the number of strikes associated with each one.

The Tiers are as Follows:

[Tier 1] - (x1 Strike) They will be sent a Formal Warning through email (Forum PM) letting them know that they have an active complaint file with Internal Affairs.

[Tier 2] - (x5 Strikes) The member will be demoted to the next rank down. They will be put on the watch list for a month and if the member cannot be demoted, then he or she will be fired.

[Tier 3] - (x10 Strikes) The member will be demoted to the next rank down and Suspended for (3) days. They will be put on the watch list for the rest of their time in the department and if the member cannot be demoted, then he or she will be fired.

[Termination] - (x15 Strikes) When a member has reached this amount of strikes, they will be terminated. By reaching this many strikes, that member proven to the department that they are incapable of following protocol and are not fit for this job.

A person receives a strike every time that a complaint filed against them is proved to be both relevant and accurate.
After every 7 days (1 Week) a person that has a strike may appeal to have a single strike removed. A person can also be eligable for a strike removal if they have an active name on the Strike Board and has not commited any offences within 30 days of thier last offence.

1.7 Conduct

As a member of the Internal Affairs division you are expected to always act in a professional manner, making sure that you are setting an example for other members within the department. It is your responsibility to make sure than anything you submit is always both relevant and accurate. Employees shall not make false reports or knowingly enter false information into any IA record. IA staff should not be caught breaking any rules/policies that it has made its duty to up hold and protect. Any offences complaints made against an IA staff member that are proved to be accurate will be met with a dismissal from the division.

1.8 Signings

Signed by,
Commander Diaa Dod
Director of Internal Affairs
Fire Department of San Andreas


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